Christopher Gilbert

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Reference contact information is available on request. Please also see my Letters of Recommendation as provided by former employers.


Graduated from Wainuiomata High School with certificates in English, Math, Science, Computing, Drama and Chemistry


  • 2 years phone and email user technical support. Received recognition for customer service beyond expectation.
  • 18 months hardware testing and servicing.
  • 2 years software testing. Received recognition for leadership and organization within a project.
  • 6 months Technical Account Management
  • 2 years Systems Administration and Engineering
Personal Statement

I grew up in the town of Wainuiomata, a suburb of Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand. I am a self-taught computer systems and networking technician, with experience in various aspects of the field such as Windows desktop administration and Linux desktop and server administration. I have experience scripting with BASH and PHP, and experience in plying Perl, Ruby, and Python to my will. When not working with computers I enjoy listening to and playing music (guitar, bass, and drums) and photography. I have worked on a casual basis as a sound and lighting technician and as an outdoor adventure activities facilitator.

Work Experience

InfoRelay Online Systems
Herndon, Virginia

Jr. Linux Systems Administrator (October 2012 - June 2014)
Technical Account Manager/Systems Administrator (June 2014 - December 2014)
Linux Systems Administrator (December 2014 - Present)

As Jr. Linux System Administrator:

  • Provide support to a range of customers, from shared web hosting customers to employees of corporate co-location clients via phone and email-based ticket systems.
  • Managed or otherwise involved in individual and team projects including, but not limited to, restructuring the internal PBX (Asterisk) system; migrating support systems from obsolete versions to a more recent version; working with company developers to facilitate internal customization to commercial and open source products.
  • Perform datacenter remote hands work in Northern Virginia datacenters and work with remote hands technicians in other markets to facilitate customer requests ranging from server reboots and hard disk replacements to memory upgrades and troubleshooting RAID card battery issues.
  • Work with senior systems administrators and network engineers on internal and customer issues as required.
  • Administration of Nagios monitoring systems using management interface tools, ongoing maintenance of Asterisk-based phone system using text files.

As Technical Account Manager:

  • Provide Tier 3 Systems Administration support to Internal Systems, Managed Support customers and in response to non-support customer requests.
  • Develop plans for Managed Support customer needs and oversee execution in connection with customer support teams and with internal network, systems and remote hands specialist staff.
  • Audit and document internal and customer environments in order to facilitate easier customer support.
  • Attend regular customer calls to discuss updates on projects to customer management.

As Linux Systems Administrator:

  • Continue to provide Tier 3 Systems Administration support to Internal Systems, Managed Support customers and in response to non-support customer requests.
  • Manage over 200 physical and virtual servers over 14 datacenters throughout the United States. Manage a Puppet-based configuration management system alongside Spacewalk for systems patch management.
  • Monitor internal systems, both critical and non-critical to ensure all business functions are able to be performed as efficiently as possible, and work to resolve issues arising. Issues are often handled directly, but may be escalated to third party support groups when related to products and providers with which we hold support contracts.
  • Work with Technical Account Managers to develop plans for Managed Support customer needs and collaborative execution along with other teams as required.

Rosetta Stone
Harrisonburg, Virginia

Software Testing Analyst - Temporary (Feb 2010 - June 2010)
Software Testing Analyst - Part time (Sep 2010 - October 2012)

  • Execute prescribed tests against a variety of Rosetta Stone applications on a range of hardware and operating systems.
  • Reproduce, document and report any bugs found to the appropriate software development teams for review.
  • Work closely with an assigned software development team (Webdev) to become the test lab expert regarding products and special projects from the team, and serve as liaison between the test lab and the higher level Quality Assurance Analysts for any testing that is requested by the team.
  • Maintain internal test lab documentation related to the products or projects of the assigned team and provide training to other test lab members if necessary.

Self Employed Contractor, Gen-i
Wellington, New Zealand
Technical Analyst, Service desk for Ministry of Justice (October 2007 - April 2008)

  • Responsible for the resolution of 1st and 2nd level IT user issues through the use of Gen-i standard Incident Management processes.
  • Maintain a good understanding of clients Service Level Agreements in relation to the Support Services SLA targets.
  • Ensure client issues are escalated in the correct manner per the documented escalation processes.
  • Participate in team projects that enhance the quality or efficiency of the help desk service.
  • Identify shortfalls in documentation and bring them to the attention of the relevant people.

RemarkIT Solutions Ltd.
Wellington, New Zealand

Logistics, Administration - Promotion from Hardware testing (April 2007 - July 2007)

  • Perform basic office/reception tasks such as receiving incoming phone calls, customer service, filing paperwork, data entry.
  • Entered information on shipping requests into on-line database system.
  • Arranged freighters/couriers to collect equipment from clients, and deliver to warehouses throughout New Zealand.
  • Usage of MS Outlook, Word, and Excel.

RemarkIT Solutions Ltd.
Wellington, New Zealand

Hardware testing, Servicing, Data Security (January 2006 - April 2007)

  • Tested used computer equipment (PC's, Monitors, Printers, Servers).
  • Performed security wiping tasks on hard disk drives (Blancco, DBAN, IBM Scrub).
  • Entered information on individual items into a database system.
  • Performed simple warehouse tasks, as required.
  • Serviced systems (hardware and software troubleshooting) as required.
Long-term Volunteer Experience

Broadway, Virginia
Volunteer Director/Administrator (April 2008 - Present, Personal Project)

  • Operate, maintain and troubleshoot faults related to multiple servers hosting web and mail services.
  • Create/maintain several websites,,,
  • Troubleshoot, diagnose and repair personal computer systems.